Over one hundred and fifty (150) persons were reached with basic knowledge on types of Cancer, symptoms, and possible ways of preventing it. Jeka da fari community was chosen for this activity because of some notable behaviors such as high intake of alcohol, smoking, unnecessary intake of herbal medicine for assumptions to some abnormalities detected among others. In attendance were the community head, opinion leaders, women, and youth.

Hepatitis B and C tests were conducted for Fifty (50) persons from the general population at Jekada Fari community by the staff of CFID Diagnostic Center (CDC). Results were issued and received by the client, professional counseling, and referrals made. Clients who reacted to B /C or both were referred to Federal Medical center Jalingo for further diagnosis and possible treatment.

A public lecture on early detection of Cancer, Prevention and treatment, etc. was delivered to 100 health care workers at Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo. The lecture aimed at updating the knowledge and skills of health care workers on how to detect, treat and handle Cancer patients among others

Following the public lecture was a press release issued by the CEO, CFID, and his team on this day 4th February set aside by World Health Organization (WHO) to commemorate Cancer. The Press released was rich in messages around Cancer. This was made to reach out to larger audience across Taraba state, Nigeria, and World at large.



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