World Hepatitis Day – 2022

The World Health Organization set aside 28 July every year to mark World Hepatitis Day, with the purpose to raise more awareness and sensitization on Viral Hepatitis. The campaign is targeted at the elimination of Hepatitis by 2030.
The key messages;

  1. Establish high-quality Hepatitis services 
    Ensuring everyone has access to Hepatitis services that respond to their needs and that are equitable, effective, efficient, timely, and of acceptable quality. 
  2. Locate Hepatitis care close to home
    Decentralizing Hepatitis care to peripheral health facilities, community-based venues, and locations beyond hospital sites brings care nearer to patients’ homes. 
  3. Promote task-sharing 
    Using non-specialist health workers who are trained in these areas
  4. Integrate and link Hepatitis care with existing public health services
    Hepatitis treatment and care can be expanded using primary care as well as HIV, harm reduction services (OSTs and needle exchange programs), as well as prison health services.
  5. Ensure resilient and equitable health systems 
    Strong health systems that are adequately funded and equipped can deliver quality Hepatitis care to all. 


With a person dying every 30 seconds from a Hepatitis-related illness;

CFID/CCT can’t wait to prevent mother-to-child transmission of Viral Hepatitis

CFID/CCT can’t wait for newborn babies to get their Hep B birth dose vaccine

CFID/CCT can’t wait for children and adolescents to get their HBV vaccine

CFID/CCT can’t wait for pregnant women who tested for positive Viral Hepatitis linked to care

CFID/CCT can’t wait to find the missing millions to know their Hepatitis B & C status.

CFID/CCT can’t wait to end stigmatization and discrimination against people living with Viral Hepatitis

CFID/CCT can’t wait for the Taraba state government to invest in the elimination of Viral Hepatitis

CFID/CCT can’t wait for the Federal Government of Nigeria to invest in the elimination of Viral Hepatitis in Nigeria.

Excerpts from 2022 CFID World Hepatitis Day

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