About Us

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Brief Profile of CFID

CENTER FOR INITIATIVE AND DEVELOPMENT (CFID) Taraba is a charitable organization that conducts all its programs like one that would be recognized as 501(c)(3) if it were in the US. We qualify to receive donations from US-based charitable organizations, that are tax-exempt based on US tax laws.

Center for Initiative & Development (CFID) is a registered non-governmental, non-for-profit development and service delivery-focused organization, with over 7 year’s corporate existence as an NGO.

We are a body of indigenous people working to improve the quality of life of our host communities. We are natives and local people who understand best our problems and as such are in a better position to provide sustainable solutions to address gaps in the health, environment, and socio-economic livelihood of our people.


To be a community-driven and people-oriented organization that provides quality interventions in line with best practices and National guidelines, suitable and adapted to meet the needs of target groups and populations.


A society where the people, communities and affected populations are empowered, well informed and involved in their development.


To promote access to quality social and health care intervention services, engaging and empowering communities to address the challenges of sustainable development and health outcomes through family centered approaches in all target communities.