CFID: Enhancing Nigerian Capacity for AIDS Prevention (ENCAP)-USAID Project

Submitted by Danjuma on Wed, 08/14/2019 - 03:59
ENCAP PE Training

In 2011, CFID, then known as PFID, selected as an Implementing Partner on the Enhancing Nigerian Capacity for AIDS Prevention (ENCAP) for Taraba state, a USAID funded Service Delivery and Capacity Building five-year project with the primary aim of offering HIV Prevention Service in Taraba state. The project was carried out in 3 local government areas (LGAs) of the state- Zing, Ardo-kola, and Jalingo. The project commenced in 2011 and was concluded in 2014 and our focus was mainly on 3 groups of persons in the respective LGAs. The focus group was unformed service personnel, Out of School Youths, and Sexually Active Adults.


Our goal was to contribute to behavior change and risk reduction strategies on high risk sexual behaviors and to let people know the importance of knowing their HV status, ensure they get tested, provide counseling to them, and reach out to as many youths as we could with the minimum prevention package intervention (MPPI).

By the end of the project, we had a total of 17200 persons screened and aware of their HIV status. We also had 8200 persons who had done the test in the past get retested. 1203 male partners received HIV testing, 910 couples were tested and counselled.

6201 out of school youths were reached with HIV prevention services in line with Minimum Prevention Package Intervention (MPPI) guidelines. We made sure that these youths were reached regularly throughout the project. We also had dialogue-based meetings with the youths to help them become active players in the process.

We had peer discussion sections with each of the target groups. We talked about everything HIV- its origin, mode of transmission, medication, and prevention.