Hepatitis Awareness Month

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World health organization (WHO) set aside 28th July every year to mark “World Hepatitis Day” with the aim of raising awareness about the disease which causes inflammation of the liver and claims about 1.4 million lives every year. Centre for Initiative and Development (CFID) Taraba this year also joined partners across the world to celebrate the day with the global theme: “Find the missing millions” as declared by the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA)

CFID and CCT every year embarks on target mapping to identify target areas of intervention in marking the World Hepatitis Day event. On this note, it was agreed to mark the event at the Taraba State University. In addition, CFID/CCT every year marks the WHD event in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and relevant partners.

World Hepatitis Day Pre-Event Planning Meeting:

Pre-event planning meeting was held on 23rd July, 2019 by 1:00pm at CFID office with CFID staff in attendance, Taraba State Ministry of Health representative, Taraba State University representative, SUG President and Health Director of the SUG, Medical and Health; Drug Freeo CDS. The meeting was chaired by CFID Executive Director, with eh following resolution taken:

  • An International Press conference to be organized to mark the WHD event.
  • Health education on viral hepatitis to Youth Corps members in the State, Taraba State University student’s community, and general public; Road show: Free HBsAg and Anti HCV testing.
  • Provision of FREE HBV vaccines to the first 120 persons screened HBsAg
  • A novelty football match between Corps members and Students of the University.
  • Taraba State Ministry of Health promised to contribute with hepatitis ‘B’ vaccines and syringes.
  • Taraba State University promised to provide enabling environment for the activities, like lecture hall and football pitch.
  • NYSC promised to mobilize 5 CDS groups or a total of 60-100 Youth Corps members in the state, and to offer the services of NYSC Medical Laboratory personnel for the day.
  • CFID promised to provide all the other logistics for the day.

28th July, 2019

Press Conference

The media briefing was chosen as a means to engage the media as partners in raising awareness on viral hepatitis and using the platform for continued advocacy to influence change in the viral hepatitis landscape in Taraba and Nigeria.

The media platform was also used to achieve the following:

  1. Dispel myths and misconceptions about viral hepatitis increase public awareness on viral hepatitis
  2. Draw the attention of government on the need for continued investment in viral hepatitis prevention, treatment and care.

In attendance at the media briefing was the CFID Executive Director and staff, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, represented by the Director Public Health , Taraba state and the Program Manager Taraba Hepatitis Access Program; Dean Faculty of Science of the Taraba State University, President Students Union Government (SUG) Taraba State University, members of the press drawn from: Channels TV, Taraba State Television; Taraba State Radio Broadcasting Services; Guardian Newspaper representative, Punch Newspaper representative; Radio Dandal Kura and NAN representative. In the audience were university community and Youth Corps Members.

The press release was prepared and delivered by Mr. Danjuma K. Adda, and a Statement from Perm. Secretary MoH, represented by the Director Public Health, Dr. Ebenezar Apake. Find attached in Appendix ‘A’.


The road walk show was chosen as means of intensifying the dosage of the information on Investing in Viral Hepatitis Elimination and Find The Missing Millions campaigns. It was undertaken to drum community mobilization towards the FREE hepatitis tests and HBV vaccination. The road walk show was led by a band group followed by the officials from Taraba State Ministry of Health, NYSC, CFID, Taraba State University and all other members in collaboration. The walk started from the conference hall, round the University to the University community and terminated at the University football pitch.


Part of the World Hepatitis Day Event, was a Novelty football match organized between the Students Union Government SUG of the Taraba State University and the NYSC CDS Groups, the two sides were named Hepatitis Drugs and Viral Hepatitis respectively. The match was kicked off by Mr. Danjuma K. Adda in company of Dr. Elkana, Dr. Daudu NYSC CDS co-ordinator and the SUG President Taraba State University Jalingo immediately after the road walk show.

The match was between SUG, Taraba State University (Hepatitis Drugs) and NYSC members (virus). Immediately after the kick-off of the match, the screening went on concurrently with the football match. Vaccination also went on to those found negative to hepatitis ‘B’.



CFID trained counselors and testers provided HBsAg and Anti-HCV tests, using WHO prequalified Rapid Diagnostic Test kits to 387 persons. Of the 360 persons tested negative to HBsAg, CFID provided first dose HBV vaccine to 120 persons, with the promise to complete the remaining doses as prescribed by the WHO HBV vaccination schedule. 27 persons (15 male, 12 female) tested positive to HBsAg were referred to the Federal Medical Centre for further assessment and care. 375 tested negative to Anti-HCV, with 12 testing positive to Anti-HCV. All clients tested positive were referred to Federal Medical Centre for further assessment and care.

CFID made a donation of 30 doses of HCV DAAs for provision of FREE treatment to students diagnosed with Hepatitis C (after running HCV RNA and other required diagnostics). The organization pledged to support the students undertake the diagnostic tests free, so as to access the drugs, that cures Hepatitis C.

Taraba State Ministry of Health through the Hepatitis Access Program donated 60 doses of HBV vaccines, which were all administered to the clients.